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Auto Insurance:

Does anyone actually understand auto insurance? What IS the tort option? At Myers & Bell, we help you understand the coverage you select, and make sure you’re paying the best price for YOU. We offer free quotes from companies that are best aligned with your circumstances, whether you’re driving off the lot in your brand new car or insuring a classic automobile passed down from generations. We’re here to help you understand your policy, tort and all!

Home Insurance:

They say home is where the heart is, so let Myers & Bell ensure your home is properly insured. It’s important to know what losses are covered and what losses may be excluded. Your home is probably your largest asset, right? No one wants the “it’s-not-covered surprise” when filing a claim. Call on Myers & Bell to help you understand your coverage options and select the best insurance for the place you call home sweet home.

Life Insurance:

Of all the types of insurances on the market, perhaps none is more misunderstood than life insurance. Millennials may think they’re too young for it or that it’s too expensive. Many will put it at the bottom of their priority list, believing it’s something nice to have only after other expenses are met. Actually, the sooner you buy life insurance the better. And the sooner you talk to an agent at Myers & Bell, the sooner you will understand why life insurance is an integral part of your financial picture. Whether you’re single or married, whether you have kids or don’t, let’s talk about life insurance for your situation.